aruru: Gaav closeup from a yaoi commission my friend Carla drew! She likes to mess around before she's done & doodled a penis. (damn you Carla this is still hilarious)
Here's something else I wrote several years ago for a friend as a "thank you" for a commission they drew for me. I put up the final proofread edit for reading on AO3 (Thanks again for the help and sorry I took so long in sharing it, Red and Jade!) around the same time I finished Yuletide:
Gaav x Valgaav, R-18 vignette. I was trying to do something that would convey a possible mood for my friend's drawing (current URL for the image is here, since Tumblr killed her art blogs [along with my original draft] - like the fic, it is NSFW), and hopefully I succeeded.
Summary: A bath and shower is a good time to reflect on the goings-on of one's days, and Gaav certainly has a... pleasant amount of things to consider.

Hope my fellow Slayers fans enjoy!
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So, now that reveals have long passed, I can share what I wrote for Yuletide!
General audiences, post-game vignette, references to Jack x Elmina. A little bittersweet in tone, slightly fluffy/cute in other bits.
Summary: After some training with Rudy and Zed, Jack gets caught up in nostalgia and shares a small anecdote about himself and Elmina in his trainee days.​​​​
Hope anyone who loves Wild Arms will enjoy this!
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Oh hey, sorry for the quiet, you all! I kinda got caught up with Real Life Stuff (TM) and was away from some of my social media. (I was still around on places that lend themselves to quick messaging such as Twitter and Discord, though.)
I hope everyone's been having a good 2019 thus far. 

As for news from me? Well, my Yuletide recipient really liked the fic I wrote for them! I'm so happy! (And very relieved!) And now that the reveals have long passed, I can freely share the link with others here too, which I will be doing so in an upcoming post.

Anyway, I hope things are well!
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Forgot to say this yesterday but: I kinda hobbled over the finish line because RL and writing block seemed determined for me not to do so, but I made it! Was able to finish my Yuletide gift for my recipient!

Accomplished! Relieved! ANXIOUS! HYPER! OMG

(I also saw there's a gift waiting for me in the dash and I'm excited! Kinda shaking the box already trying to guess what's in it, though I have slight suspicions because naughty me couldn't help myself and looked at the represented fandoms list. ^_^;;)
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I managed to sign up for Yuletide 2018 just in time before the deadline came up. :D

Already got my assignment! Now I'm fretting over wanting to please this person and making something nice, aaaaaaaaaaaa. @_@

[I'm also fretting over who I was assigned to. I hope they liked something out of the fandoms/prompts I offered! And I hope my Dear Author letter was up to snuff. :O ]
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Hi there, fellow Yuletider! I'm Aurora (aka Aruru), nice to meet you.

I go by AuroraDerall over on AO3. (Still a total newbie, even having the account for several years now, ahaha! ^^;)

I'm kinda new to writing these letters, so please bear with me. I hope I am not too much trouble for you, and that we make a great match! :D

If any of our canons matched up, I have to say YOU'RE AWESOME AND I ALREADY LOVE YOU FOREVER for remembering some seriously old yet classic JRPG greats, and I am already itching to know what you'll come up with after hearing me out!

I guess I should go with mentioning my reading likes first?

In general, my likes in stories include: romance (with smut highly welcome), strong bonds of friendship, bonds of family that go beyond blood relation (families of choice, if you will), action/adventure, comedy, sexual/romantic tension (Unresolved or resolved -- usually getting to resolving them is one of those things I seek to read! X3), awkward but sincere expressions of camaraderie/friendship/love, happy endings, hopeful endings, bittersweet resolutions leading to new possibilities/hope, hurt/comfort (often of the providing emotional support variety, though nursing someone to health and the like is also fine), among others.

(Since I'm new I'm not sure how it's handled, but even if it has to go through the mods/hippos, it's ok to send me questions!)

I'm generally ok with violence/dark/tragic stuff if it's appropriate to a prompt/character story or it's canonical, but as I said I do prefer that things end with some kind of hopeful note. Holiday fics could work too, if you can come up with something that would intrigue me. 

My do-not-wants generally include: Rape, abuse (physical or psychological), character/coupling bashing, excessive tragedy, any kinks I am not into (See the Yuleporn bit - if in doubt, I'm glad to answer questions!).

Most I've marked as a pairing preference is good and open for porn! 

You can see my Yuleporn comment here approving of such offers. Below is a minor guide in case any Yuleporners are curious about me!

First off, I'm totally ok with vanilla smut! I'm a romantic at heart, so I like a good buildup as much as the porn itself. I'm not usually picky about things like top/bottom matters for most characters either, though I do admit to sometimes having a certain fondness for one side over another, possibly due to rarity (some of my rarepairs are rarer on one end of the slash/x, lol).

As for kinks I like, those generally include: oral, anal, masturbation (solo and mutual), showing off for a partner, teasing/touching, erotic dreams, making out, bondage, blindfolds, biting, fingering, first times (not necessarily meaning someone is a virgin, can simply mean it's the first time finally getting with the particular person in the ship in question), fondling over clothes/underwear, playing with nipples, playing with delaying orgasm, pegging, spanking, etc. (What I can think of offhand right now. If you have questions, ask!)

Kinks I do not want generally include: Rape, humiliation, scat, piss (Basically, if it isn't something like come or sweat then no, please.), non-con, psychological manipulation, coercion, guro, etc. Basically if it's pretty extreme I am not likely to be interested. (Again, please feel free to ask!)

Anyway! As for my fandoms, the series I requested I posted promo links for previously when I nominated them, plus added one more fandom when I discovered it was available. I will feature a link to each promo post (for the 3 I nominated) and mention a bit about the series/characters and things I think would be cool to see.

The 4 series I would love to see fics for are Arc the Lad I-III, Wild ARMs, Suikoden 2, and the Lunar series.

Arc the Lad I-III

Ah, there's so much I could say about this series and why it's so dear to me -- suffice to say this is quite possibly the reason I finally caved in and came here to participate in Yuletide! Anyway, again, you can read some of my gushing in my promo post here (It also contains useful links to Let's Plays!).

Out of the characters nominated, I chose to focus on officially requesting Tosh and Shu, because they are both amazing characters on their own plus they do have a beautiful dynamic (both as BFFs and as a potential romance) and I love their ship.

Some prompts of them as individuals (involves heavy spoilers):

For Tosh: I think stories about him and his mentor, Monji, would be amazing stuff. Anyway, we know how strongly Tosh feels about him, but exactly when in his youth did he meet Monji? What sort of father figure was Monji to Tosh during those years. What kind of youth was Tosh both before and after meeting him?

Alternately, I think stories about his feelings regarding the journey with Arc and his other comrades, or his thoughts about the younger crew of new heroes from Arc 3 would also be cool to read.

For Shu: Shu's enigmatic background is another of the coolest things about the game series, because it gives so many options. What kind of young man was Shu before he was forced to become a soldier? What finally got him to quit and how did he get out? How did he wind up a Hunter? How did he pick up Elc (who'd just escaped White House and was still merely a 10-year-old or so), and what was their relationship like at first? What were his feelings when he started realizing that even what happened in his past connects back to what's going on in the story? (By which I mean the conversation you can have in the Sky Castle if you do one of the trials with Shu, in which he is confronted with his past.)

What is/was his outlook on friendships and family both before and after key people in his life like Elc, Tosh, and Shante? How does he feel about being a big brother figure to Elc? What kind of regard does he hold for himself?

Also, like with Tosh, I think it would also be interesting to see stories about his reactions to the journey with Arc and the rest of the group in Arc 2, or the new heroes of Arc 3.

Prompts for Tosh and Shu as a pairing:

Personally, I am not particular over top/bottom dynamics with them (each of them to me clearly has a dominant side and a vulnerable side, if you want to discuss it as seme/uke dynamics), though I admit that I might have a soft spot for Tosh on bottom since he's usually portrayed as the more obviously impulsive of the two.

Anyway, a few prompts for the two:

- Well, if you go with romantic buildup and/or first times, I think their potential to hook up is obvious and really highly likely, but the question is, when? Would they do so right away after the incident in Romalia, before they take on the train? (it was a vulnerable moment for both, after all.) Would they show restraint (or let their feelings grow first) and it happens later, at a casual point or another key point in the storyline (such as when Tosh's past is brought back to him)? The night before the final showdown in Arc 2? Or would it be a really slow burn and not happen until well into Arc 3 when they see each other again? Or even after Arc 3 ends and the bad guys are taken care of?

- Also, what would others close to the two regard the pair and their attraction, such as Elc (one of the other characters on the tag list), who has what seems to me like a brotherly relationship with Shu? Or Shante (also on the tag list), who seems to regard Shu as a trusted friend or confidant? (BTW: Please author, no Shante-bashing, aside from my dislike of character bashing in general, she is super awesome.) Would Elc and Shante be protective of Shu, supportive, or teasing? In what regard do they or other members of the Arc team regard Tosh?

- Speaking of Shante, I also have no objections whatsoever if your idea of a fic for Shu x Tosh happens to involve a Shu/Tosh/Shante threesome or them developing a poly romance instead. The thought of Shu and Shante double-teaming Tosh and showing him a thing or two is quite a delicious mental picture too. :3

Anyway, I hope these are good enough to get your ideas racing here! :D

Wild ARMs

My promo post regarding this series can be found here. (Again, with helpful links to Let's Plays! :D)

In this nomination and my character choices I'm specifically talking about the very first WA title, which was later remade into Wild ARMs Alter Code: F.

Anyway, I'm requesting any of the characters in the tags: Jack Van Burace, Rudy Roughnight, Zed, and/or Elmina Niet.

Pairings are wholly optional here, I'll go into that in a bit.

Anyway, prompts for individual characters (heavy spoilers):

For Jack: His travels after escaping Artica and his determination to avenge, and later save Elmina (the other character nominated in the tagset), his feelings over making allies, starting with Hanpan, then Rudy and Cecilia, as well as other comrades. His outlook on such a strange/goofy guy from the Metal Demons like Zed is and the acceptance of his offer to help their cause (when Jack has so much legitimate reason to detest the Metal Demons) might also be an interesting read. Also, seeing how it ended, would he attempt to recapture his relationship with the "new" Elmina after the end of the game (And maybe either hope her memory would somehow return, or become appreciative or any unexpected quirks the "new" version of her would have?), or would he let that relationship go, as much as it would hurt?

For Rudy: His inner thoughts at key moments like when he was kicked out of Surf Village, or making new friends in Jack and others like Cecilia, Jane, etc. His pain at discovering he's not human, his forgiveness of Zed and accepting him as another companion, his relationship with his grandfather Zepet, his outlook on the future.

For Zed: His feelings when he started realizing the humans weren't such a bad lot, and that the world could be shared, by protecting the blind girl from the decimated village. His choice to defend the humans along with Rudy, Jack, and the rest of the group. Sharing thoughts with Rudy over being the two non-humans and thus "alien" characters around, maybe?

For Elmina: This is probably an extension of Jack's own prompts but: Was her consciousness still having some hold on her as Lady Harken? If so, what was her mental state at not being able to control her own self? And what of the "new" Elmina after she is brought back?

In regards to pairings:

In this series the pairings I like happen to be Jack x ElminaRudy x Jack, and Rudy x Zed. (There's others I like too but these would be pairings involving the tagged characters.)

Again, regarding the latter two, I'm usually not picky over seme/uke things but I have a soft spot for the idea of Rudy being a very gentle and sweet guy, but actually kinda winding up as the dominant/decisive one in a relationship (and position).

Anyway, thoughts on each pair!

For Jack x Elmina: See over on the comments for prompts regarding Jack solo, can be an extension of that. (For example, if Jack were to hook up with Elmina again post-game, how would that come about, and could he reconcile that aside from having no memory, she is possibly a different person in some ways, and not in others.)

For Rudy x Jack: Possibly Rudy in some way trying to repay Jack's kindness to him in the past with comfort? Jack is still hurting a bit over the loss of Elmina, even after succeeding in getting her to return, but finds it impossible to say no to Rudy's companionship, which he has grown used to.

For Rudy x Zed: Maybe an extension of some of what was suggested for Zed solo. Zed possibly having to deal with thoughts of what life had been previously like for him with the Metal Demons while in the service of Mother, and comparing it to interacting with the humans he is coming to know over time. Maybe asking Rudy about it and how he feels being "out of place," and how he deals with that. Again Rudy offering empathy and companionship to someone feeling largely alone. (This is Zed though, so hopefully something humorous and cute can also be worked in. XD)

I hope this is good enough for you to get ideas rolling as well, a lot has been written up in really short notice, sorry! ^^;

Suikoden 2

I didn't nominate this, so I don't have a hype post for it. Suikoden was pretty popular in its time though, so it's likely extremely easy to find some good Let's Plays of it in order to refresh yourself or get a feel for something about the game, at least in comparison to the other titles! ^_^;

Anyway, there's only two characters I saw in the nominees who I wanted fic for, and if you're getting a certain vibe from this letter thus far then you're correct: I chose Viktor and Flik.

They're badasses, they're hilarious, and they can be really heartfelt too. So amazing, these mercenary bros for life. *_*

Anyway, prompts as individuals:

For Viktor: Obviously, anything involving his past, his family, Daisy, and his home before being destroyed by Neclord. Or his friendship/relationship with Anabelle (the mayor of Muse). Or thoughts regarding the first hero (Bocchan) and the second (Riou), or influential or key characters in his life like Odessa (and how that relates to his friend Flik), etc. Obviously, there needs to be banter with the Star Dragon Sword at some point, and likely friendly back and forth between him and Flik.

For Flik: There's still the matter of dealing with Odessa's loss stinging in his heart, though he has been learning to cope. I can picture him and Viktor having hilarious drunken arguments, usually about ridiculous stuff they did in their mercenary jobs. Also possibly funny scenarios of his dealing with Nina's stalking fangirlism and Viktor possibly Not Helping because It's Funny To Him. Also, maybe Flik having a reflection either before or upon seeing Bocchan again of his past mistakes and his misjudgments of Bocchan's character. Additionally, possibly his feelings regarding how the past has returned for Viktor with the matter of Neclord returning.

In regards to pairings:

Yes, I think they make a good pair. Their exchanges can be a lot of fun, and they do share a ton of common history with each other.

Again not picky, but ohhhh if you bust out having Viktor as bottom you would be an author after my own heart, mmm mmm mmm. ;D

Anyway, as for prompts:

- Stuff pre-Suiko 2 when they were building their mercenary group which you meet at the beginning of the game. Buildup, banter, etc.

- Maybe an extension of what I mentioned over for Flik's prompts regarding his feelings over Viktor being haunted by Neclord again. Also, how Anabelle's death has affected Viktor, and how everything seems to want to crush him in the same/a similar way to how Flik was crushed emotionally during Suiko1. I could picture him feeling pretty protective over Viktor for all the shit he's having to put up with.

- Viktor still worrying over Flik's state of emotional health regarding the loss of Odessa, and now having developed an attraction for his friend, and confusedly wondering how awkward is this going to make continuing to work together.

- Somehow I get the feeling that this is going to wind up ending in maybe drunk arguing and then drunk making out with heart-to-hearts? Possibly with hilarious interference by other characters from Riou's army. Definitely from the Star Dragon Sword, at the very least. XD

And aaaaaaargh I wish I had a better prompt suggestion for this, so much could be done with these two but I'm drawing a blank right now! T_T

Lunar series

Last and not least, Lunar! My promo post is over here. (And more helpful links inside!)

It's honestly such a cute series.

Since there's not that many characters, I picked characters from the two games in the series for my nominations.

Anyway, for this option I've decided to go with the "Any" option. You can write about any of of the four characters I submitted!

I chose Leo, Nash Rumack, Ghaleon, and Nall.

Prompts for the characters:

For Leo: Perhaps a story about how he became so fixated on the idea of becoming a hero, and how he copes when he finally starts realizing the corruption in the Cult of Althena? His feelings on his sister Mauri, his friend Ronfar, and new friends like Hiro, Lucia, Jean, and Lemina? What is he looking towards the future afterwards, once the world is saved and Hiro has been able to reunite with Lucia?

For Nash: Maybe a pre-game story about how he developed his lack of confidence and his starry-eyed admiration of people like Ghaleon, or his crush on Mia. Or post-game, now that he's been finally told he's okay as who he is by Mia, what happens then?

For Ghaleon: Definitely some pre-game shenanigans with Dragonmaster Dyne and their crew when Dyne was young, I think it would be cute and a good break for Ghaleon's overly serious (or overly dramatic) persona, lol. X3

For Nall: Maybe a pre-Lunar 2 story of how he came to take care of all those orphans, or reminiscing while talking to someone (like maybe Ruby?) about his old friends who've passed, and what his new friends have in common with them (aside from saving the world of Lunar).

In this particular set of characters listed I don't really do that much by way of ships between them, so we will be skipping that. (Though if you have an idea and want to run it by me, feel free to ask me about it.)

Anyway, I hope this letter was enjoyable for you and has you already jotting down ideas! And I AM SO SORRY IT'S SO RUSHED, due to a lot of things going on in my personal end I had to write it all up and my ideas really last-minute! T_T

But anyway, hope this is motivational enough, and I hope you get a great story as well from *your* Yuletide author! :D

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Well, since the mods over at [community profile] yuletide_admin (Dreamwidth) were pretty encouraging, I wrote up some promo posts for all three of my fandom nominations. :D

I'm not sure how well I did at pushing why my fandoms are great, but they do have a bunch of useful links too, so I'll be linking the posts here and copy/pasting the contents under Read Mores to save them for posterity!

Hope people take interest in joining Yuletide 2018 (AO3) for these! :D (Or for other rare fandoms, natch. X3)

Arc the Lad promo post

Read more... )


Wild Arms 1 promo post

Read more... )

Lunar series promo post

Read more... )

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My nominations for the Yuletide rare fandom exchange were all accepted!

And I managed to get the original Arc the Lad trilogy onto the listings! \ :D /



(It's too bad I only FINALLY took the chance [I’ve been debating trying to do this and join an exchange for at least a year.💧] and did this last-minute [because I found out pretty last-minute too, lol], I couldn't find someone to coordinate with on time. It would've been cool to also get Twilight of the Spirits in, and we could've had more characters from the games total if we avoided repeat nominees.

It's still cool though, my other nominees [also approved!] were Wild Arms 1 and the Lunar series, and those are awesome too!

Now, if I could just find a few other people who wanna sign up to write for any of these!!! :D

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Well, after forever being indecisive and then lazy about it over goodness knows how many years, I finally imported my LJ here. Seems like the procedure was painless.

It's a good question of what I intend to do now with this Dreamwidth account (which I had forever but kept waffling on it). Most of what I've been doing over on the internet nowadays has been on:

1. my Twitter account (mostly RTing and nostalgic squeeing over Slayers, Arc the Lad, and other random stuff), 
2. my Tumblr account, but especially most active on the Arc fanblog I co-run on the service with a friend, and
3. also getting a Discord server for fans of said series up and going. 

....and now I've found myself also trying out Pillowfort and setting up some communities there to see how it goes (again for Slayers and Arc, LOL -- I'm also highly tempted to set up a Wild Arms community). And deciding what to do over here (and Pillowfort) -- I haven't blogged the way I did on LJ since like, 2010-ish, and Tumblr just doesn't have the same feel.

I figure I'll probably use it to at least keep tabs on [community profile] yuletide_admin, since even though I've never participated in it, I've been contemplating it for a few years now. I'm very shy about it, committing, and doing okay at it... I've at least managed to nominate the fandoms I'd love to see this time, though.

Maybe I should consider crossposting some of my Pillowfort entries (once I have more) along with some of my newer Tumblr posts? Consolidating some of my presence might be reasonable... 🤔

Anyway, for any new people coming across this: Hi, I'm known as either Aurora Derall or (Fujoshi) Aruru! I'll try to make an intro post or an updated interests list ASAP! :D
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I know it's already Jan. 2 here, but I just wanted to let you all know that I hope you guys had an awesome welcome into the New Year, and that good things will come your way, for all of you. :)

I... uh, don't really have any resolutions (never make any) or other stuff to talk about (I'm still at 5/1 in P4 and haven't had the chance to play it or anything else in several days, haha! ^^;; I'll be working on rectifying that matter soon, though! :P), so I guess I'll leave things at that, eheh... ^^;;

Anyway, Happy New Year to you all! :D


Dec. 25th, 2008 06:58 pm
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Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope your festivities of choice have been awesome for you all! :D

As for me, it's been a fairly low-key Christmas - it's been raining on and off pretty hard around here, so I mostly just limited myself to spending time with my folks (Got $125 from them - cool. :D), calling my offline friends today to wish them well, getting that aforementioned awesome card from [ profile] redconverse a few days back (Seriously Red, again, thank you! *HUG*), playing some games (yesterday, I was doing some more Daidara materials-farming in P4), and listening to new game music (last night and right now) courtesy of [ profile] shinkuu.

Speaking of which... OMG, Shinny, your present was awesome! I know you said you "weren't going all-out" this year, but dude, you totally did! :O *hopes you liked what I sent ya!*

I listened to the Mario soundtrack last night, and while it only covers 8-bit era Mario (So no Mario World or Mario 64, but I can understand that - trying to cover more material than what they did would've required either a second disc, or to attempt to cram the tracks in with no looping, which would've sucked.), it's as classic and nostalgic as 8-bit era gaming gets! :D (Especially loved the Mario Bros. 3 segment, as well as Mario Bros. 2 (USA). And it even has Dr. Mario! And even though I never played the game, it also had Yoshi's Cookie - that was pretty cool. :D)

And right now, I'm finishing listening to the Wild Arms Complete Tracks album, and... oh man, I am SO HAPPY we finally got a complete soundtrack to the original version of the first WA game - you wouldn't believe how I started bouncing around in my chair when Zed's theme music started playing, and now the track actually loops! Sweetass! :D

Seriously, thanks a lot, dude! *hug*

...and now, to figure out what I'm gonna do with the money I got from my parents - probably save it along with whatever I get for Día de Reyes, which is on Jan 6, as well as whatever I get for my birthday, which is just 10 days after that, and then... I dunno, maybe invest in a new gaming system? Haven't decided which one I want most yet, though. Hmm. :|

Again, Happy Holidays to you all! ♥
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[ profile] redconverse, I got your card in the mail yesterday! (Monday, that is) And I think the snowman's looking at the birds in order to forget the trauma the pug's causing him with his "indecent" pawing, haha! XD Nah, seriously, it's actually a rather nice card, despite all your claims that they were the cheapo-bin stuff. Or maybe I just have no taste. XD Don't answer that, peanut gallery! Anyway, thanks a lot, you're awesome! *HUG* ^o^ (And aww, don't worry about the present, I'm just happy to be in your thoughts! Also, remember that I'm totally rooting for ya and think you'll make a kickass nurse when you graduate! ♥)

Also, [ profile] shinkuu, I got your package in earlier today! (Or yesterday, since it's nearly 2:00 AM now. :P) The wrapping is really pretty, and I've been a good girl and kept myself from opening it until Chrstmas. Thanks in advance for whatever it is! :D

Additionally... er, wow, it's been four weeks since my last post? Eep, getting careless again! :O My time has kinda been eaten up with the usual offline errands and appointments, and whatever free time I have after that has mostly been taken up by playing either Chrono Trigger DS (Which, despite being a basic port with a few extras, is still as awesome a game as I remember... even though I do find it a bit easier in the challenge level than what I remembered it being as a teenager. Maybe the new dungeons will be more of a match for me, whenever I get around to them, heh...) or Persona 4.

Persona 4... well, I'm woefully, WOEFULLY behind certain people on my friends list here and on JournalFen (You know who you all are. :P), partly because I've always been a slow-as-molasses gamer and partly because right now I'm level/Persona-slutting and money- and weapon/armor material-farming to see if I can tackle the first optional boss fight early on, so... yeah, I'm laughably still only at 5/1 in the game's calendar, hahaha. XD

Still, it's looking like a really neat game thus far! Some small thoughts on the events thus far:

Uh... I suppose you could call a few of these spoilers, even though I'm only up to 5/1. If you prefer going into the game completely blind, then don't read? )

...aaaaaaaaaaand I think we're done, for the time being! As I said, the game shows plenty of promise, so I'll try to make another game log soon enough. :)
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So today, after leaving the parking lot of the supermarket (Mom and I were picking up the turkey and a few other things) and started heading home, I stop behind another car at the light. My eyes happen to stray towards the license plate, and it turns out to read...


My two thoughts were:

1. As incredibly juvenile as it is, it would only have been better if that first part of the plate had read 369. (Or maybe 669, for that matter.)

2. Also, for this find to be a TOTAL AND SUPREME WIN, the car with the plate should've been either a Hummer or one of those really oversized pickups. (You've all seen my interests, I think it's obvious why I say this. >D) was pretty hard trying not to crack a grin or giggle (and mystifying my mom with it) on the way home. XD
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] llamabitchyo! :D

I know you're currently not having the greatest time, from reading your earlier post, but I still wish you a happy birthday, and hope things will improve soon, especially once you get back to your own home? Anyway... *hugs?*
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Eheh... so, I've been lazy and haven't watched that much further into Gintama, despite thinking it's adorable. ^^; I did, however, watch eps 7-9 about three weeks or a month back, then the Jump Festa '05 ep about two weeks back, and today I got off my butt (or rather, parked my ass in front of this screen rather than the TV's, LOL) and watched eps 10-12.

So, anyway, thoughts (Mild spoilers?). )

...and that would be it, for now. Man, this series is getting kinda awesome, hee! :D

Oh, and there were some more Ginpachi-sensei shorts in some of the eps! I think the one I liked best in this set was the one that was all basically just a PSA for Gin-san to say "I am NOT old, dammit!" when asked about his participation in the rebellion against the Amanto and his actual age, LOL. XD

EDIT: There are now some mild spoilers for eps 13 and 14 in the comments, in case anyone other than [ profile] ruaki's reading these. XD
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Pretty much a direct copy of my JournalFen post, but anyway. (Apologies to those who read that site and already saw this.)

I don't know if any of the Shin Megami Tensei fans on my Friends List were already aware of this, but I didn't see any entries pointing this out, so I figured I'd post about it, in case any missed it and might be interested.

Anyway, getting to the point: Aeria Games opened up signups for the SMT: Imagine Online closed beta sometime last week, with the projected start of the beta being around the start of December (at least, I think that's the date I read on the forums).

Signup is easy - you just need to either have/make an Aeria Games account, then go to the Megaten site and answer three questions (if you've played SMT games, if you're new to Aeria, and if you're going to invite friends - nothing spectacular) to sign up.

Before you do that, though, you might want to check the system requirements, of course. (Note: According to the forums, there apparently is at least one mistake in Aeria's translation of the sysreqs. You might want to check the post I linked to, as it has more info, including a link to the Japanese Imagine's site with the original list of requirements - most names of the required hardware are in English, but you still need to know a little Japanese to be fully able to read the thing, of course.)

Anyway, that's the gist of it. If anyone's trying to get in, good luck! :)

Last week.

Nov. 12th, 2008 09:48 pm
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Wow, it was quite the eventful last week, wasn't it? I usually don't like to talk politics, and I know everyone's tired of hearing it, plus all I could say about the US election has been said by others far more articulate than I, but I still wanted to say that: I'm proud of you guys. I was confident it would happen, but still had my concerns something would happen at the last moment. So, I'm very happy for you - I hope it's a sign of wonderful things to come. :)

As for local politics, I'm feeling very "meh -_-" on those, but I won't bore anyone with that. And as for Prop 8 and the other amendments/props like it passing, I'm somewhere in between thinking "What the HELL is WRONG with people?!" and "No, most folks (especially the younger ones) aren't like that, and I'm sure justice will see things for what they really are and overturn them, people just need to be patient," so... yeah, I'm pretty much there with what others on my FL have said, and said so much better than I, I should say.

Anyway, another post is forthcoming in a few minutes, even though it's a copy/paste of something I posted in Fandom Lounge on JournalFen. Still, I think it might be of interest to some here, and since not everyone here reads JF, I figure it's worthy enough to post.
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A little note for the Persona and Mother/Earthbound series fans on my list! (As well as a note to myself to keep for future reference, if I get around to downloading some emulators on this machine, heh.)

First off: Persona 2: Innocent Sin translation blog

And no, despite the title of the page, it's not just a simple translation/transcript blog - it's actually a translation patch for the game, which can be then played either on a PSX emulator, burned with the game's ISO to disc and played on PSX or PS2 (has to be hacked tho', naturally), or apparently played on a PSP emulator too! And it was just released about a week or two back! :D

The first entry on the blog should have a link to the newest version of the patch, and I suspect the other links on the blog apparently lead you on where to find the game's ISO (haven't check yet, sorry).

Secondly: Mother 3 translation blog

Latest patch version also apparently released about a week back. They don't tell you exactly where to look for the ROM you need to use this translation patch with, but I'll bet you more savvy folks can probably find out yourselves. :)

Enjoy! :D
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Eh, I've been meaning to post again after the deal with Omar, the Hurricane that Never Was* was done with, but since I haven't really been watching (Well, I did see like 3 more eps of Gintama last week, but I don't think I've seen enough to warrant another fangirling opinions/thoughts post yet.) or playing anything these past couple of days, I've been largely feeling uninspired to post. (I DID pick up Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia earlier today, tho', so I might start trying it out soon... I have an allergist appointment Thursday, so I might just fire it up during the wait at his office assuming I don't just go back to working on the second case of Ace Attorney 3, that is, heh...)

So, instead of a "real" post today, I'll just share this official Ace Attorney merchandise link I found that might interest... well, [ profile] redconverse and [ profile] arcian, at the very least: Volks, the well-known ball-jointed doll company, is making Ace Attorney series dolls action figures DOLLS action figures!

I thought the Ema one was the cutest of the lot, though Trucy is neat too. And I might've spoiled myself a little on Ace Attorney 4 by seeing Trucy's last name beneath her pic, LOL. Nick and Miles' figures are kind of too disconcertingly chibi in the facial design (Not to mention I'm not quite sold on those joints, eheh...), but they're still kind of squishy-adorable. And the unintentional flare on Mile's crotch area is hilarious.

Anyway... enjoy, y'all, and I'll try to post again soon, whenever I'm inspired!

* - You know, calling the storm by that title makes me think it should've been a weather pattern for the Nobodies' world in Kingdom Hearts 2, LOL. Also, in keeping with the Nobody theme, maybe it should be renamed to like... Maxor, or something. XD
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] arex!

May your birthday have plenty of fire! XD (And bitches.)


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